TASSCO XT wear plate offers the optimal balance of hardness and toughness in an alloy steel while maintaining weldability and formability. By tightly controlling the alloy chemistry and using state of the art quench & tempering techniques, TASSCO XT is able to offer consistent hardness ranges and wear resistance for your most difficult wear conditions. All TASSCO XT is vacuum degassed to remove excess Hydrogen and Carbon, further improving internal cleanliness & mechanical properties. TASSCO XT delivers extremely low sulfur levels for cleanliness and enhancement of toughness characteristics.

Advantages Info 
Low Carbon Range (0.20 – 0.23)
Aim 470 BHN (450 – 514 BHN) in plates ⅜ – 1″
Aim 450 BHN (430 – 500 BHN) in plates greater than 1″ thru 2″
Low Sulfur (0.003 Max)
Quench, Tempered, & Thru Hardened
Excellent depth of hardness achieved by balanced use of Chromium, Molybdenum, & Manganese.
High Impact Resistance


3/16″ thru 2″ in standard plates 96″ X 288” (3/16″ thru ¾”) and 96″ X 240″ (1″ thru 2″.) Custom thicknesses & plate sizes available upon request.

Custom Solution Capabilities

TASSCO offers a variety of processing services. We offer intricate shape cutting, forming, rolling, welding, fabrication, hard surfacing, drilling, & machining. Our technical sales and field services team will work closely with you to understand your process and develop a solutions that meets your unique requirements.