TASSCO is pleased to offer Range Tuff wear parts. The Range Tuff brand was developed with the harsh conditions of hard rock & iron ore mining in mind. Range Tuff wear parts are a composite material consisting of a chrome-moly white iron surface for very high wear resistance with a mild steel backing plate for ease of welding and forming. The mild steel backing plate allows the product to withstand light to moderate impact. The hardness of the Range Tuff products 700 BHN. Ideal working temperatures of Range Tuff should not exceed 575 Deg F. Please contact TASSCO for cutting, welding, or forming instructions for the Range Tuff product line.

Products: Size (max values):
RT100 1” X 1” X 9.5” Tuff Bar
RT150 1” X 1.5” X 9.5” Tuff Bar
RT200 1″ X 2” X 9.5” Tuff Bar
RT250 1″ X 2.5” X 9.5” Tuff Bar
RT400 1″ X 4” X 9.5” Tuff Bar
RTB03 3” Diameter Button
RTB04 4” Diameter Button
RTD01 4″ OD X 2” ID Donut (Bolt Protector)
RTD02 4″ OD X 2-¾” ID Donut (Bolt Protector)
RTRB212 2” Diameter X 12” Long Roll Bar

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