CORRHARD is the most economical steel plate for applications requiring both abrasion & corrosion resistance. CORRHARD has a high hardness compared to mild steel, weathering steels, and 304 series stainless steels (Aim 310 BHN.) The high hardness balanced with 12% Chrome & low Carbon improves wear life in sensitive material handling applications. CORRHARD has a low coefficient of friction compared to other wear plate materials which allows improved slideability of materials in moist or damp applications. CORRHARD is both formable and weldable.

Applications Benefits (max values):
Bucket Liners Carbon: 0.025 Max
Chute & Hopper Liners Chomium 11.0 – 12.5
Coal Handling Equipment Hardness: 260 – 360 BHN
Cement Plant Equipment
Quarry Equipment Higher Yield Strength than 304 Stainless
Chip Storage Bins Great Formability
Coal Storage Bins Weldable using conventional techniques
Sugar Beet Processing Equipment
Salt trucks



1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ think in plates 96″ wide X 240″ long. Custom thickness & plate sizes available upon request.

Custom Solution Capabilities

TASSCO offers a variety of processing services. We offer intricate shape cutting, forming, rolling, welding, fabrication, hard surfacing, drilling, & machining. Our technical sales and field services team will work closely with you to understand your process and develop a solutions that meets your unique requirements.