TASSCO offers chromium carbide cladded wear plate to cost effectively combat your most abrasive conditions. TASSCO’s overlay plate is a mild steel plate with a highly concentrated chromium carbide hard surfacing applied to combat severe abrasion and light to moderate impact. The mild steel base plate allows the plate to be welded and cold formed using conventional fabrication shop practices. The cladded wear plate is offered with either a single or double layer of chromium carbide hard surfacing. TASSCO chromium carbide overlay can also be applied to the inside diameter of pipe and to custom shape parts.

Applications: Chemical Composition (max values):
Truck Bed Liners Carbon: 6.0
Bucket Liners Manganese: 1.0
Chute & Hopper Liners Chromium: 29.0
Mixer Liners Iron: Balance
Crusher Liners Silicon: 0.40
Crusher Liners
Flat Back Elbows Hardness: 650 BHN
Chipper Components
Slurry Pipe
Mine Cars & Equipment
Fan Blades and Fan Housing Components
Screw Conveyor Flights
Crusher Hammers


5/16” – 1” thick with either 1 or 2 layers of chromium carbide hard surfacing. 2” diameter – 30” diameter pipe. Custom thicknesses and pipe sizes available upon request.

Custom Solution Capabilities

TASSCO offers a variety of processing services. We offer intricate Shape Cutting, Forming, Rolling, Welding, Fabrication, Hard Surfacing, Drilling, and Machining. Our Technical Sales and Field Services team will work closely with you to understand your process and develop a solution that meets your unique requirements.